The Orthodontic Office of Dr. Majznerski has a new name - Align Orthodontics!  

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Common Questions About Orthodontics

You have questions. We have answers.

Find out what treatment is right for you.

Orthodontic treatment is a big decision and an important investment in the future of your dental health. Align Orthodontics will detail each step of your treatment and guide you through all your options. We want you to feel confident throughout your journey!

Let Dr. M's years of expertise guide you through your orthodontic journey. 

A good night's sleep is vital to overall health, but sleep apnea and snoring can disrupt that. Our dental appliances reduce or eliminate snoring and sleep apnea, improving sleep and overall health. 

The American Orthodontics Association recommends children see an orthodontist as young as 7 years old. The sooner issues can be treated, the better their dental health in the long run.

You're never too old for treatment! We have decades of experience treating patients of all ages. It's never too late to improve your dental health!

Yes, absolutely! We can treat your child's dental issues, even if their permanent teeth haven't erupted yet. We can prepare your child's mouth for proper tooth eruption.

Orthodontic treatment can vary, depending on the severity and number of dental issues being addressed. Treatment with braces can average 12-18 months, while Invisalign treatment can average 9-15 months.

We've Provided Invisalign For Over 20 Years!

Dr. M pioneered the use of Invisalign products in the West Michigan and Grand Rapids areas more than 20 years ago. We have been a Top 1% Provider of Invisalign since 2018, meaning we are in the top 1% of providers for all of North America!

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