The Orthodontic Office of Dr. Majznerski has a new name - Align Orthodontics!  

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Orthodontic Technology That
Actually Makes A Difference

From digital impressions to 3D scanners, Dr. M only utilizes orthodontic technology that makes your orthodontic care easier, faster, and more comfortable.

Why Orthodontic Technology Matters

Simply Put - We care about you.

Like most medical professions, technology is constantly improving.  The latest orthodontic technology is something we invest in because it helps us create a faster, more accurate and more comfortable orthodontic experience.

Our orthodontic technology is all about serving you. 

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3D Digital Impressions

Forget about those awful, goopy plaster impressions!

Dr. Majznerski only uses the latest digital scans to create a detailed 3D "map" of your teeth. Our iTero Element® 3D scanner can create a detailed scan of your teeth within minutes.

Our team then uses those digital scans to create the most accurate, precise, ideal orthodontic treatment path to your perfect "Wow! Smile."

More Accurate Dental Scans

When it's your smile, precision and accuracy matter, we know that.

Our oral scanner provides a full, incredibly accurate panoramic image of your teeth and your jaw. The Planmeca ProMax® goes well beyond older x-ray machines. It's safer, faster, and more accurate than anything Dr. M has ever used. We're proud to have it and proud to offer it to our patients. 

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Curious About Invisalign?

When it comes to Invisalign, an orthodontist’s personal experience level matters.

From the quality of smiles we create while using Invisalign to whether we would recommend Invisalign at all, experience matters.  Dr. M has been a preferred Invisalign Provider for almost 20 years and is one of Michigan’s only Elite 1% providers.

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Snoring a Problem?

A Great Night's Sleep Starts at Align Orthodontics.

Snoring is associated with serious health risks, prevents you from getting deep, rejuvenating sleep and worst of all - annoys anyone sharing a bed with you. Align Orthodontics has 20 years of experience in custom oral sleep appliances. Dr. Majznerski is proud to have been treating sleep apnea for over two decades… all while wearing his sleep apnea appliance every night.

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