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Braces Colors: What Does Your Favorite Say About You?

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What’s the best part about getting braces?! Aside from getting a “Wow!” smile, of course. One of our favorite things about braces is getting to choose the best braces colors to really show off your personality. 

Today’s braces are more customizable thanks to the variety of colors available for your braces rubber bands. You can pick your favorite color ever, your favorite color right now, or mix and match for school colors, prom theme, holidays, or whatever you like! Your braces can be as unique as you are. But what do the colors say about you? Let Align Orthodontics help you figure that out! 

Red Braces 

If you choose red braces elastics, it shows that you are a person who is full of energy. Red is a passionate color that tells people you put your whole self into whatever you set about doing. It also signifies good luck in some cultures.

Orange Braces 

Orange braces bands communicate that you are a social person who values community and social relationships. Those choosing orange are often enthusiastic people with extroverted tendencies. It's been suggested that orange can stimulate a person's appetite. Just make sure the food is braces-friendly!

Yellow Braces 

Yellow is a vibrant color, and people who tend toward yellow are generally happy and full of life. Yellow braces bands can also tell people that you are a deep thinker who loves to learn. It's bright like the sun, which may say a lot about your personality to others. 

Green Braces 

The movie Meet the Parents suggests that people who choose green are geniuses. We'll leave it to you to decide whether that's true. Green also indicates that you are grounded and personable. Green is also associated with a person who is honest and kind. 

Blue Braces 

Overall, blue indicates that a person is self-assured and confident. They tend to prefer stability and may communicate idealism. Those who choose dark blue braces rubber bands may be a little more rigid in how they live life.

Purple Braces

In ancient Mediterranean cultures, purple was known to be a regal color available only to those of means. Today, it’s often associated with royalty. If purple braces bands are your choice, it might be because you know that you've got something special going on in your life and work. Purple denotes imagination and creativity as well as an interest in spirituality.

Pink Braces

Pink is often the color of romance as seen by the decorations around Valentine's Day. Pink indicates that you are a kind and loving person who has compassion for other people. Pink also indicates an instinct to care for and dote on others. 

What are the best braces colors? 

What if you want more than one color for your braces rubber bands? Well, you can do that, too! You can create your own braces color combination based on your likes and interests. If you're still struggling over which color looks best on you, you can talk to our team. We’ll be happy to help you choose! Dr. M and his team are all about making their Grand Rapids, MI, patients proud to show off their braces. You’re in great hands with us! 

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