Why Two Offices?

One of the most significant changes in orthodontics over the last several years are the number of adults seeking treatment.

The introduction of moving teeth using clear plastic aligners (Invisalign) instead of braces has made orthodontic treatment more attractive to adults. Dr. Majznerski was an early adapter of Invisalign's technology. He is nationally recognized by Invisalign as a top 1% provider and with over 20 years of experience, he is West Michigan's most experienced Invisalign provider. So when it came time to build a new office it was important to consider the interests of not only children & teens, but also the comfort of adults.

So Dr. M thought, "Why not build two offices in one building? One for adults...and the other children & teens?" He didn't see a reason not to...so he did. After two years of design and planning, in 2018, this vision became a reality and Larry Majznerski DDS MSD Specialist in Orthodontics is now two practices, "Align Orthodontics and Align Adult Orthodontics."

Two Offices...One Location

Benefits of Two Offices

Our individual offices provide a more relaxed atmosphere for adults while our younger patients can enjoy an environment that accommodates activities and games.

By creating individualized offices, parents can relax while the kids enjoy their space, and busy adult patients enjoy a bit of a quieter environment of their own.

Delivering Undivided Attention

Dr. Majznerski was "passionate" about banishing the "assembly line" of chairs, which is still common in most orthodontic offices. Rethinking the traditional orthodontic clinic design with chairs lined up in row, allowed for a generous amount of space per patient and we added privacy walls intended to eliminate distractions.

Parents are always welcome to to join us during the appointment. This allows for much more effective communication when giving instructions and progress reports. The additional space allows parents to bring siblings to the clinic as well.

Elimination of the "Communal Toothbrush Station"

Patient tooth brush stations are expected in orthodontic offices and have been considered acceptable for decades. Just like the assembly line look, Dr. Majznerski was "passionate" about banishing this common orthodontic office feature as well.

In our office, individual sinks and vanities have been installed by each chair for tooth brushing and personal hygiene. This greatly reduces cross contamination and the risk of spreading disease.​

Our Two Offices