Innovation & Technology

Two Offices...One Location

Dr. Majznerski was the first orthodontist in the country to conceptualize a practice with individual offices for adults and children and with a team of architects and designers his vision became ALIGN orthodontics. He wanted to make sure that ALL patients have a comfortable and relaxing environment to receive Orthodontic care.

He created 2 separate offices in one location. One Office for Adults seeking Invisalign Treatment. Another for Children and Teens. Orthodontics made comfortable for ALL ages!


Say BYE to Bulky Trays and Sticky Putty
Our office uses the most state-of-the-art technology available to help create the smile you want, which is why we use the iTero® digital impression system, by Align Technology. Our digital impression system replaces the uncomfortable, unpleasant-tasting, messy and sometimes inaccurate traditional putty impressions.
Benefits of Digital Impressions
Accuracy – captures the exact contours of your teeth.
Efficiency – requires less time in the treatment chair.
Comfort – less invasive. No putty is used, and patients are more at ease without fearing they will gag on the impression putty.
Customization – provides a digital plan and allows for trays that are tailored to meet the individual needs and desires of each patient.
Visualization – provides each patient with a definite picture of what their teeth will look like before, during and after orthodontic treatment.
Innovation – uses the most advanced 3-D video technologies.


Speed Up Your Orthodontic Treatment
The new AcceleDent™ System, created by OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc., was made to compliment any sort of orthodontic treatment – whether the patient is using traditional braces, clear aligners or any other orthodontic appliance. The use of this device can potentially reduce a patient’s time in braces or aligners by as much as 50%!
How Does It Work?
The AcceleDent™ System creates microvibrations in a patient’s mouth in order to remodel the jawbone quicker. This remodeling, coupled with the force created by the patient’s braces/aligners/orthodontic appliances, allows teeth to move into their corrected positions faster, therefore reducing overall treatment time. This pulsating technique has been scientifically proven to be effective on other parts of the body, such as the use of vibrations to speed up fracture healing in bones. You can enhance your orthodontic treatment and decrease your treatment time by using the AcceleDent™ System for just 20 minutes each day!


Braces and other modalities of orthodontics may be recommended by an orthodontist for the purpose of improving the orofacial appearance of a patient, enhancing growth and development of the jaws and enabling an aesthetic outcome. Problems such as crowded or crooked teeth, underbites or overbites, and incorrect jaw positions can be corrected with proper orthodontic treatment. Such problems, when left untreated, can result in gum disease, tooth decay, earaches, and headaches, chewing or biting problems, and even difficulty speaking.


Maintaining Your Smile After Treatment
Retention is a critical follow-through stage that typically involves wearing an orthodontic appliance called a retainer. Several different kinds of retainers are available, all of which are custom-made just for you. We will recommend the type (or types) that will work best in your situation, and we’ll tell you exactly when and how long you need to wear them.
Three Types
Hawley – a thin, tongue-shaped piece of acrylic molded to fit your mouth, with a wire that holds your teeth in position. The Hawley retainer is simple, durable and easily removed.

Clear – made of thin, transparent plastic designed to fit precisely over your teeth. Their main advantage is that they’re invisible, with no wire to show. These retainers are also easy to remove, but they may be somewhat less durable than the Hawleys.

Fixed – aren’t removable by the wearer — but they aren’t visible either. This system uses a wire that is bonded to the tongue side of the teeth. It may remain in place for months, or longer.