Imagine a life without sleep apnea & Snoring.

Snoring can be more than just a nuisance.
There are also serious health risks associated with chronic sleep apnea & snoring.
Fortunately Oral Sleep Appliances Can Be Effective to Control Snoring.

This investment could be life changing.

15 Years of Experience as Both Patient and Doctor

"I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea over 15 years ago. Since then, I have tested a number of oral sleep appliance. Design and comfort is crucial if we are to expect patient compliance.

When you are both the doctor and the patient,
you gain valuable insights to the the treatment and care you provide your patients."

-Dr. Larry Majznerski

The vast majority of our patients report that snoring has been virtually eliminated with the use of oral sleep appliances designed specifically to meet the need of each patient.

Serious Health Risks Associated With Chronic Snoring.
Such As...
- 250% higher risk of a fatal heart attack
- 67% greater chance of developing a stroke
- 40% greater chance of developing high blood pressure

Chronic Snoring can also be a sign of serious sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea.

Approximately 85%...
of those who snore are unaware that they have a serious sleeping disorder
requiring medical attention.

Chronic Snoring

Chronic snoring can be very disruptive to a full night's rest and "fragment" your sleep.

Partially Blocked Airway

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

When airway completely closes, a pause in breathing occurs and this is an OSA episode.

Fully Blocked Airway

How Do Oral Sleep Appliances Work?

Oral sleep appliances move the lower jaw and tongue forward which keeps the airway opened.

An Oral Sleep Appliance Holds the Jaw Forward and Opens Airway

Are oral sleep appliances effective?

One of the reasons oral appliances are so effective is compliance.  

Oral Sleep Appliances are are generally well tolerated and easy to wear.

Physicians very often turn to oral appliances to treat OSA for these same reasons as compliance is critical to effectiveness.

Now that you know more about snoring, let us help you get rid of yours!

Before An Exam in Scheduled

You must be in good medical and dental health.

*Have a primary care physician.
*Have had a dental exam and cleaning within the last 18 months.

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If You Are Under The Care Of A Physician For A Sleep Disorder

We will be happy to contact their office and take care of all communications for you.

We will also contact your primary care physician and communicate our findings and preliminary recommendations.

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