Rebuilding Worn Teeth

At Align Orthodontics, your overall smile matters.
Dr. Majznerski's goal is to leave you with your best possible smile. He is one of the very few Orthodontists in West Michigan to include rebuilding worn teeth in his service offering. His dedication to excellence led him to the additional step of rebuilding worn teeth and enamel to improve not only your smile, but your bite as well.

Teeth that are flat, jagged or notched are signs of enamel wear and can often be a sign of a poor bite.

We take care of not only your bite, which will help the wear from reoccurring, but we improve the individual teeth to make sure you look your best. Orthodontics made comfortable for ALL ages!

Tooth Wear = Poor Bite

Optimal results many times requires restoring proper tooth size and dimensions in patients with worn or misshapen teeth. These types of results cannot be achieved through tooth movement alone.

We restore the lost enamel in our office during treatment with cosmetic bonding as part of a comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Comprehensive Treatment

It is common in orthodontic treatment for the Orthodontist to just concentrate on the tooth movement and then refer cosmetic work out to another specialty office. Often for an additional charge.

At Align Orthodontics, Dr. Majznerski practices comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Not only will Dr. M look at the spacing and tooth movement for the ideal bite, but he will include the cosmetic treatment to ensure your ideal smile.