Grand Rapids Most Experienced Invisalign Doctor​

Why Chose Align?


Dr. Majznerski of Align Orthodontics is the only single Doctor practice in all of Grand Rapids and West Michigan to be in the top 1% of all Invisalign providers in the United States. As an early Invisalign provider, he has 20 years of experience and has been recognized by Invisalign in their highest category of providers.


Dr. Majznerski has created a separate Invisalign only Adult practice to make sure that the adult patient segment has an office where they feel comfortable and get the best treatment in an environment designed for them.


Align Orthodontics is Dr. Majznerski's vision for what an Orthodontic office should be. In 2018, after years of planning and building, he opened the new office to better serve all of Grand Rapids, Grandville, Byron Center, and all of West Michigan. He envisioned a state of the art office, where adults could be treated by Invisalign in a private setting, with a separate entrance from a more family centric office where he could offer Invisalign Teen to braces.


Opening a new office in 2018, Dr. Majznerski spared no expense on the latest and best technology. Your Invisalign treatment will start with a digital xray and digital scan of your mouth, eliminating the need for awkward, gagging, putty impressions. He will treatment plan your Invisalign case digitally and can show you expected results before ever starting treatment. Align Orthodontics also uses a treatment accelerator technology called Acceledent to improve your treatment time. Finally he has a 3D printer to make sure your appliances are as accurate (and comfortable) as possible.

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